-PK (Business Consultant)

PK (Business Consultant)


I am a business consultant who helps companies grow their businesses multifold.  At PK Enterprises we help laundry business owners get their business back on track.

I am a Mechanical Graduate and a MBA drop out. I am always fascinated to derive solutions to the problems which people encounter in their daily lives.

In 2015 I’ve started PKC Laundries, which is the first online laundry services company based out of Hyderabad. There were many hardships, ups and downs throughout these 5 years. I’ve started this consulting firm to educate my fellow people in the laundry industry on how the scenario will be once they enter the industry.

Through my consulting firm, I’ve successfully commissioned 5 laundry units and have given referrals and business leads to more than 100+ companies.


Market Development

PK Enterprises helps companies to reach their full potential in their core business and adjacencies that strengthen the core

Operations Consulting

In Operations consulting we deliver authentic results for our clients no matter how challenging the conditions you face

Business Consulting

If you have an idea or a dream and want to see it develop or materialize into a business, we can help.

Digital Marketing Consulting

We’ve been helping businesses grow online  – so we know the niche and how to build success.

Technology Support

We provide support in designing and developing customer friendly mobile apps that is packed with information and innovations.

Commercial Laundry Planning

We provide expertise and support in all functions, either within an existing plant or in setting up a new plant or selling your laundry plant


Had a detailed initial conversation with Mr PK on 18 Mar 2020. He has strong dependable insight regarding laundry businesses and can be quite helpful to entrepreneurs looking to venture in this sector. Though i would say even the established businesses could learn a lot. As a consultant myself, I sensed in him a genuine eagerness to help, a quality most appreciated by clients.




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