I am a business consultant who helps companies grow their businesses multifold.  At PK Enterprises we help laundry business owners get their business back on track.

I am a Mechanical Graduate and a MBA drop out. I am always fascinated to derive solutions to the problems which people encounter in their daily lives.

In 2015 we’ve started PKC Laundries, which is the first online laundry services company based out of Hyderabad. There were many hardships, ups and downs throughout these 5 years. I’ve started this consulting firm to educate my fellow people in the laundry industry on how the scenario will be once they enter the industry.

Through my consulting firm, I’ve successfully commissioned 5 laundry units and have given referrals and business leads to more than 100+ companies.

I am a fun loving person and very much interested in connecting with people who are passionate towards building solutions for a better tomorrow.

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My skills are mostly focused on business development, negotiations, brand development, marketing and sales. Using my skill set I can enable enterprises and business people grow their businesses multifold.

The key focus of PK Enterprises is to provide assistance for the business in the conceptualization, Facility Planning, Operations and Laundry planning services by using emerging technologies