One of the best consultants emerging from the markets in recent greatly satisfied with his inputs for my business….thanks PK… I would gladly suggest anyone who would like to venture into the market for his advise


A person’s dream in his life is to have a house of their own. Building a house is still a dream for many middleclass people of India. We as real estate consultants want to fulfill that dream of crores of Indians.

The various types of services we offer are-


For all commercial entities, businesses leasing is the most beneficial option. For those in their growth stage as leases offer flexibility and do not require huge investments.

We offer the best advice and shortest processes to our customers whether they are offering their properties on lease or they are looking for properties to take them on lease.

We offer leasing advisory services to the following industries:

✔  Commercial Office Spaces

✔  Industrial Go-Downs

✔  Showrooms for Retail

✔  SEZ / IT

Material Contract

If somebody has a piece of land and has no experience in constructing the house, we come into picture. We construct the house as per the requirement of our client. We manage the Manpower, Materials, Machines, Processes.

Advisory Services

Advice is the first thing anybody seeks while buying or selling any house, land or anything in a real estate industry. People contact friends, family, browse the internet etc., It is okay to take a cue from all these people but it is better to go to a real estate consultant as he has ample amount of experience in the field.

Buying or Selling a Land, House

Whether he is a builder or a normal person who want to build house for his family, we advise people in buying and selling of lands and houses at the best possible prices. People can discuss their thought process and we can help them with the best possible outcome.

How can we help? Just about anything that will help you make the best real estate decision. Some of the common factors where we’ve helped many are:

✔  What can be built on the available land – this decision depends on many factors. Location, feasibility, government regulation, probability of success of sale etc.

✔  Mix/Pricing of projected development, What people are preferring in that particular area etc.,


Other Special Services

The other type of services we offer are-

  • Architectural:

    We have a well experienced team of architects who design the houses as per the requirement of our clients.

  • Civil Construction

    We have a well experienced team of structural engineers and construction engineers who have well on ground experience in construction of houses.