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About us

PK Enterprises provides expertise and support in all functions, either within an existing laundry plant or with in setting up a new laundry plant or selling your laundry plant. Our services include everything from initializing the plan to design, construction and operation, to the final training of client staff, Additionally, we help many clients today in expanding their operations, while others require assistance with consolidation.Our responsibilities include budget analysis and projected impacts on productivity, customer service and quality.

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What We DO?

New Construction, Renovation, and/or Expansion of a Plant

Market & Technical Development Support

Work Flow
Operational Analysis

Energy Conversation Studies & Recommendations

Employee Training on Management, Operations & Maintenance

Equipment or
ROI Cost & Analysis

Equipment Utilization Reviews

Inventory Control

Long Range and Capital Planning

Services We Provide


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Looking to buy / sell laundry machinery?

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Equipment Maintenance and Service

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